Our Values & Approach

Our values underpin much of Square Peg HR’s work. Our approaches are based on a commitment to partnership, trust, integrity and authenticity.

Square Peg HR’s consultants have a firm commitment to the use of partnership-led approaches that enable a wide range of project stakeholders to participate fully in our work.  Our consultants recognise the need to engage with various stakeholders in different ways and are experience in using creative and sensitive approaches to do so.  For example, we have undertaken training in the production of ‘Easy Read’ documents to allow us to support organisations whose staff may find it hard to read standard written information.

What we stand for

What we stand for

Square Peg HR is recognised for its work in the employment law and HR field and we are proud of the work we’ve undertaken. Whilst our consultants bring specific experience, knowledge and expertise to each project, we value the skills, experience and local knowledge of our clients. We believe it’s important to ensure that our work takes account of these, as well as the cultural context in which the client group operates.

The approach taken by Square Peg HR has contributed to our reputation for communicating in ‘plain English’ and delivering beyond client expectations.  Square Peg HR’s philosophy incorporates an absolute commitment to building long-term partnerships with our clients based principally on achieving total customer satisfaction through the quality of our services. We work in a highly competitive environment.  We can succeed only on the basis of the quality of our experience and references gained through making lasting improvements to our clients’ undertakings.

We will always:

  • Arrange an initial face to face meeting to discuss your requirements
  • Provide a written quote outlining our understanding of your requirements and associated project costs
  • Assign a project manager to act as the main point of contact for your project
  • Set out clear plans for achieving deliverables including definitions and deadlines
  • Set out a methodology in line with best practice
  • Identify resources in terms of the inputs of both our staff and client staff
  • Review work regularly through meetings and meetings between our project lead and client representatives
  • Record any changes in the original plan and the implications identified
  • Use dedicated teams and ensure that there is never any delay in communication at any level
  • Ensure that the client is able to contact our team at short notice
  • Place emphasis on regular face-to-face discussions.