Back to Work Toolkit

Toolkit of documents to help return to work during COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s been a difficult and challenging couple of months. We have all had to adapt to circumstances that none of us could have imagined, and your organisation has had to adapt quickly.

Flexibility, agility, and forward planning are key. There is likely to be ongoing uncertainty about relaxation of restrictions, and organisations need to think about how to adapt to the new normal that comes on the other side of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Return to Work Toolkit


Square Peg HR and EWL Associates have worked together to produce this ‘back to work’ toolkit to help you and your employees in this journey. Our guiding principle is that of support – many of your employees will be feeling anxious and concerned about returning to the workplace or may be facing difficult domestic circumstances.

The toolkit contains provide practical and useful templates and documents to help you navigate these unprecedented times. We are employment lawyers and as such, we will also tell you when it is best to seek advice.

The toolkit contains the following:

  1. Toolkit introduction and guidance
  2. Return to Work Planning Flowchart
  3. Workplace Risk Assessment
  4. Template letter for employees returning from furlough/working from home
  5. Template letter for employees NOT returning
  6. Information to send to employees
  7. Return to work meeting template
  8. Individual Risk Assessment
  9. Distancing at Work policy
  10. Amendment to Disciplinary Policy
  11. Amendment to Flexible Working Policy
  12. Guidance on time off for carers including compassionate leave
  13. Amendment to Sickness Absence Policy
  14. Process for Reporting Symptoms Flowchart
  15. Health & Safety Information Sheet


…and workplace information posters!


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