Employment Tribunal Fees Unlawful

The Supreme Court has held that the introduction of Employment Tribunal fees was unlawful and prevents access to justice.  The government will now have to consider refunding all fees paid since their introduction in 2013 as well as reconsider what to do now about fees in future.  It’s likely that there will still be some sort of fee payable but it will be much less, thereby allowing more people to access justice through the Employment Tribunal.   If this now results in an upsurge of claims (which have reduced by more than 70% since 2013) then the Tribunal service will have to ensure that their online claims facility can cope with any potential upsurge in claims.   It’s likely that Tribunals will now update their online application facilities to ensure that no fees are taken as soon as is practicable.   Watch this space for further developments as the government decides what to do next!