"I've had the enormous pleasure of working on numerous occasions with the powerhouse that is Frances McAulay. As the MD of a leading Scottish consultancy, I worked closely with Frances on several high profile and sensitive commissions.
While I was immediately drawn to her highly personable warmth, it was her determination to do what it takes to get a good result for the client, that matched our values (evident in all our work but with a particular passion for the Third Sector).
In our game you have to be good relationship builders while often saying the hard to hear, constructively. Frances was a perfect match, offering clarity in difficult and complex situations and sound routes through, where none seemed possible. She exemplifies all that we might hope for in the best of what we call 'professionalism', in all its guises, from confidentiality boundaries, to integrity (which reeks from her every pore), and being a flexible, warm team player.
Oh and she's about as hard a grafter as you will find. If you are assembling an A-team - she's a first pick."
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Carolyn Stenhouse, MD Avanté Consulting



"Square Peg has provided HR and Recruitment support to Pet Blood Bank UK for almost 18 months, and we have found them to be exceptionally helpful and supportive whenever we require support or advice. Working with an organisation, like Square Peg, who understands the needs and challenges of a charity is so refreshing.  They have taken the time to get to know us as an organisation, and tailor their service to meet our needs, where often with larger HR companies we need to “fit their service”. They work with us to provide a practical and cost-effective solution, and with their expertise and experience – they give our team confidence to deal with even the most challenging of HR issues effectively”

Katrina Wilkinson, MD Pet Blood Bank UK

Following on from a Strategic Review, in July 2016 we commissioned Square Peg Development to undertake a comprehensive review of roles,responsibility, job descriptions and pay structures across our organisation.  Over a four month period Carolyn and Frances worked to a timetable which involved meeting with a range of staff and working behind the scenes to research/analysis information to produce a report to our Directors at the end of November.  They brought enthusiastic, interest in our organisation and focus, along with their professional expertise and experience to the task and the final report was used as guide for our future organisational decisions. They continued to offer invaluable support in the recruitment process for an HR post as part of our future plan.  
Marian McDonald - Chair Garvald West Linton 
We were very impressed by the depth and quality of their research when carrying out a bench-marking exercise in the care sector. The final report was clear and a great help to our directors in their decision making. Consultation with our staff was thorough and carried out with enthusiasm. 
Rab Chrichton - General Manager Garvald West Linton 
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"I was really keen to hear your input on Difficult Conversations (to help me & the team support volunteer managers) and you didn’t disappoint! I loved how invested you are in this material, it really comes through, along with your clearly extensive knowledge of the whole topic. I had a really enjoyable time, partly because of your sense of fun and mostly because of how easily you presented the material - you made it seem achievable and the information was so accessible."

Janine - Volunteering Development Officer, Fife Voluntary Action

"Carolyn is one of the most talented professionals I know. She has helped and advised me many times as well as collaborated with me on several projects.  Apart from being very knowledgeable, she is a great communicator who listens, understands then shares fantastic advice.
If you're in need of HR services, definitely get in touch with Carolyn."

Gavin Allison, IT & Business Analyst Professional