Carolyn Stenhouse

I’ve had the enormous pleasure of working on numerous occasions with the powerhouse that is Frances McAulay. As the MD of a leading Scottish consultancy, I worked closely with Frances on several high profile and sensitive commissions.

While I was immediately drawn to her highly personable warmth, it was her determination to do what it takes to get a good result for the client, that matched our values (evident in all our work but with a particular passion for the Third Sector).

In our game you have to be good relationship builders while often saying the hard to hear, constructively. Frances was a perfect match, offering clarity in difficult and complex situations and sound routes through, where none seemed possible. She exemplifies all that we might hope for in the best of what we call ‘professionalism’, in all its guises, from confidentiality boundaries, to integrity (which reeks from her every pore), and being a flexible, warm team player.

Oh and she’s about as hard a grafter as you will find. If you are assembling an A-team – she’s a first pick.